For those who don’t know. This was my buddy Tanner Whites car. His dream was to put a V8 in it! Sadly in 2012 tanner was in a freak accident falling down some steps hitting his head on a door frame. Had major swelling in his brain and had to have emergency surgery, the frontal lobe of his brain was mushy, the temporal love was damaged very badly as well and they ended up removing 1/3 of that. Which is where your personality; and just about everything else comes from. He was in a coma almost a year. Now he is confined to a bed, he can move his arms and legs, but can not speak, or do anything for himself. He just watches car shows all day! He’s got it made! This was his car, and I helped him pull the motor out in 2011 I believe it was, to get ready for a v8 he wanted to put in it. So I’m continuing the project for him! I’ve purchased the car from his parents in January of 2017 with the promise to them that I’d finish the car and keep it. So I’m doing just that. Found a camaro in September to use for the swap. I also bought my car silver car from him back in 2007.

YouTube videos of the build courtesy of James!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Building the catch can
Custom dipstick
Plazmaman valve covers and coil relocation part 1
Plazmaman valve covers and coil relocation part 2