One of the fastest growing product suppliers in the USA for the Mitsubishi Starion and Chrysler Conquest. We provide and produce countless parts for the OEM platform, countless products for engine swaps, aftermarket support and just about anything else you could need. Mike has owned his car since 2007 and has been wrenching on these cars ever since. At MKS we have built upgraded G54B TBI cars, we have upgraded to MPI G54B cars, we have 1jz swapped cars, 2jz swapped cars, Ls1 swapped cars, wired 4g63 cars and everything in between. We have a very wide knowledge of the Mitsubishi Starion and Chrysler Conquest that we have gathered through our experience working on our personal cars, and helping customers. MKS Motorsport offically started selling parts in 2019 and we haven’t looked back, we have no intention of slowing down.