Thermal Zero turbo blankets go above and beyond when it comes to heat tolerance and durability. The inner layer of the turbo blanket can handle over 2500 degrees Fahrenheit of direct heat. The blankets are made with high quality 1 inch thick 6 pound density ceramic insulation material. LAVA Blanket – This lava material is actually different than what any other turbo blanket manufacturer uses in that it features an aluminum bonded layer on the inside of the extremely heavy duty and high quality pulverized lava rock fiber outer layer to further reflect the small amount of radiant heat which makes it through the ceramic layer. Have experienced 90% heat reduction. This is what I prefer and run on all my applications. It’s more durable, and better looking! BLACK Blanket – Construction is the same as the LAVA blankets except they have a silicone based outer shell. Have experienced 75% heat reduction.